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Pedicure - Basic Box 50

New product

59,00 €

BrazzCare Basic® is the newest format we offer!

These wonderful pots come with 50 sachets, containing either pairs of socks or gloves. Basic is perfect for those who prefer to use their own nail file and cuticle pusher.

Why Basic is perfect for you service?

  • The Perfect First Step - The best way to try waterless service
  • Exclusive Emollient - Contains the same emollient that strengthens the nail and skin, making them more beautiful.
  • Easy to Display & Store
  • Hygienic - Single use kits protect the clients from infections
  • More Ecologic - Less Plastic Packaging

The cream that comes inside the gloves and socks is super emollient, perfect for a waterless pedicure and pedicure process.

This cream has antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and regenerative properties. The emollient also softens and protects the cuticle, facilitating its removal in the safest and most hygienic way.

BrazzCare Cream has Natural and Active Ingredients.

  • Calcium Pantothenate - Promotes growth, nourishes and strengthens nails
  • Allantoin - An anti inflammatory and natural healing agent
  • Witch-hazel - Relieves skin irritations
  • Vitamin E - 100% renewable through the Witch-hazel botanical extract, also antioxidant and antiradical
  • Hamamelis - Natural soothing
  • Tea Tree oils - A natural antiseptic found in the Australian tree
  • Fixing Polymer - Patented formula. Provides an excellent foundation for all nail polish types or gel

More Benefits:

Reduces pedicure service time by an average 15 minutes

Guarantee hygiene and safety of the pedicure service

Dispenses the need of water

Reduce operating costs

Raise client's confidence and perception of the value of the service

Cosmetic technology for hands, feet and nail professionals.

  • Professional Emollient, softens the cuticles and callouses
  • Formulated to pH 7.5. This pH neutral formula improves absorption that neutralises the acidity of the skin
  • Ammonium lactate for the treatment of dry skin conditions
  • Keratin, promotes growth and beauty of nails
  • Urea keeps the skin hydrated for longer and stimulates the production of collagen
  • UVA and UVB protection, offering protection factor 10 from the sun and UV radiation

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